Make Use of Your Old Discs and do not Throw Them

How long have you been playing games for now? I’m sure it would be more than a year or two now. When you are playing games for some years now I’m sure you would have a fairly large collection by now. Most of us have it and we throw our old discs when the space is full and we have to store our new ones. Well, now throwing away won’t be necessary because now the old discs can be put up for sale and new ones can be bought with the money we obtain from them. To sell games we just need to follow a simple rule. The rule goes as; the discs we put up for sale should be in perfect working condition.

There are many websites on the internet who have started purchasing used discs from gamers all across the world. This allows the players to submit the discs they no longer want and earn money for them. On the other hand the website owners sell them on at cheap prices to the others who wish to purchase used discs and cannot afford to pay the full price. If you have decided that I want to sell my games then you are ready to proceed with the procedure. To begin with, bring all your collection to your room where you have the PC. This may take a bit longer than you may expect as it depends on the discs you own.

Take out every disc one by one and check for any damages it has. The broken, bent, dented, cracked, heavily scratched, missing covers and covers without discs cannot be sold. Unfortunately these discs will have to go in the trash and the other discs without any issues can be easily put up for sale. Check each and every disc you own for these issues before you sell games on internet. If you end up putting in a damaged disc to fool them and receive money against them, then be warned that these discs will be rejected by the quality control team and you will not receive any money for them. It’s better to avoid any issues and take care of it on your side. Sort every disc and out them in two stacks. One stack should contain the OK ones and the other would carry the damaged ones. Once you are done with the sorting then throw away the damaged ones carefully.

Now count the discs you have available to put up for sale and if you have over a hundred then you are in luck. For over a hundred you get to have them picked up from your home for free and you can earn a good amount for them. Now connect to the internet and create a seller’s profile on the sites that purchase used discs from gamers like you and me. Now go to the section sell my games and start the input of details about your discs. After you have completed it click on finish and choose the desired payment method. Wait for the pickup guy to come and take away the lot. After it reaches them and they verify the details you have entered are all correct your cash will be released. Now you can purchase all the desired titles you have been putting on your wish list.