Refresh Yourself With New Style

I usually spend my weekend at home. Instead of going out, I watch films, play games for girl or chat with my friends. I feel boring with everything around me, I need to change and decide to do something new.

I will start with my appearance. I have a best friend named Lucy who is willing to help me change. She said that we should start with finding a style which is suitable for me. She saw some impressive dresses and clothes as well as accessories in a dress up game and she wants to show me. She sent me some photos she took from this game. They are some go-out outfits. We spend a weekend to go shopping. We choose some that we can afford to buy. I don’t want my wardrobe mess anymore, I re-arrange it following purpose of using or divide my clothes into each suitable occasion. Therefore, it is easier for me to find a best one when going out and it will not take me a lot of time as before. For the parties, I like a cocktail dress combined with a blazer, black tights, high-heel shoes or ankle boot and a clutch. I feel comfortable in this new look and I wish to join in some parties soon. Lucy advised me that if I didn’t want to spend too much money on expensive outfits, I could look for secondary dresses and outfits that were available from online shops with the affordable prices and having discounts for special days. They had wide array of items from color, styles, accessories and type of occasions.

Next is my hairstyle. According to experiences of Lucy who played dozen series of dress up games, she is easy to choose a suitable type for me. I look more active and attractive with my new short hair. Hence, I feel more confident. She also guides me different kinds of makeover. She said that most of things she learnt from playing dress up games and video in YouTube. With detail instructions, everything becomes easier. Even I can learn how to cook and decorate house by games. Numerous recipes are described by images and I can make it by myself by click following instructions. Besides, I know how to mix colors in order to make my room prominent. It is so interesting. If I only stay at home when having free time, I will face with depression and obesity. I have to take part in outside activities. They will make me more active and have more social knowledge. At first, I decide to register some clubs and activities at school, after that I will join in a volunteer program with Lucy in summer.

Be open-minded and change myself in positive way make me feel better. Now, I know to wear the exact dress or outfit for the right occasion, accessories and dresses should be combined to compliment to each other. That will make it more noticeable. Besides, I join in some social activities. All makes my friends, even me surprised and makes my life more meaningful.
Finally, kids can find a lot of useful for them and get advantages from it as well. Besides, it doesn’t take much time of them to play these games. They will feel exciting with daily new creativity in games.